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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Best Wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year to Everyone!!!

We are headed back to collect Wet Season Annual Killifish in January and February. Then I will be speaking at the West Coast Weekend Killie Extravaganza in San Francisco, California in April. Then I will be speaking at the AKA National Killifish Association convention in Baltimore, MD over Labor day! I will then return to Peru from June to September to collect all Summer. So if you are thinking about putting together a trip to the South American Tropics this year. Send me a PM and lets discuss your plans!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

I will be speaking twice in November, 2010!!!

I will be speaking to the San Francisco Aquarium Society on Nov. 5th and to the Sacramento Aquarium Society on Nov. 6th. If you are in the area either date, please stop in and say hello!

I am headed back to collet fish for all of October!

I hope to report on some interesting fish we are planning to export to the USA next month. Please watch for up dates coming again in the weeks ahead!

2010 collecting season Recap!!

Here is a group photo of the people involved in the Rio Pariamanu expedition. We explored the middle and upper reaches of this remote jungle river to look at the fish fauna there and we made some interesting finds.

Of course, one of the most "mission critical" members of any expedition is the cook! Here is Yesenia, our cook for five days on the river.

The river itself is a very sinuous lowland jungle river, typical of many such rivers in Peru and elsewhere in South America. Some of the rivers bends took us back within 50 meters of the adjacent portion! This makes for slow progress upstream. The trip up took five days. The trip back only 2!

A new Centromolchis spp. catfish. These were caught in schools of fifty, right in the main river near the confluence of small side streams.

A juvenile of a riverine predatory characin. It has an interesting white lateral line stripe and very strong dentition!

This 11 meter boat served as our "Home away from Home" for 7 days travel up and back. We camped at night on the sandy banks of the river. It is a very comfortable way to travel.

One night a toad came to visit our camp and pose for it's picture to be taken!

Here's Jeremy Basch and myself seining the upper river.

Good fun!

Many species of Sucker-mouthed catfishes are present here.

The further we progressed, the shallower and narrower the river became.

A parasitic catfish?

Here we are camped on a small tributary of the upper Pariamanu River called Quebrada San Juan. Here Yesenia is fixing dinner by the rivers edge, hoping that he rain holds off and the creek doesn't rise in the night!

On the way back we collected a nice golden form of a cichlid,

Burjurquina spp.

The trip itself was a great success!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back from Machu Pichhu

The clients are home with their families in Canada with a good story to tell. And I am happy to say they had a good trip collecting fish in the Madre de Dios region with WildPERU!

Monday, April 26, 2010

New Aphyolebias species???

Comments welcome!

West Coast Weekend 2010

After some technical difficulties (operator error) on my part, West Coast Weekend 2010 in Portland, Oregon, got off to a slow start and finished strongly with a 600 item auction that featured an incredible array of species for sale. Great company, great speakers and great fish are what make convention strong and this one exceeded everyone's expectations. Now I off to Lima. Stay tuned for more from WildPERU!!!